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EB-5 is coming under greater scrutiny than ever before.  Are you prepared?


    EB-5: An Industry in Transition


    When the EB-5 program was developed, it was designed to serve as an alternative source of funding for project sponsors, an innovative way to stimulate American economic development and job creation, and as a means of helping foreign nationals achieve their dreams of becoming American residents. Over the course of its existence, the program has achieved much of this.


    Unfortunately, the positive increase in EB-5 activity over the past few years has been accompanied by an increase in the number of cases of fraud and violations of U.S. securities regulations. Some EB-5 practitioners have been accused of embezzling investor's funds. Outrage has spurred U.S. Congress and the regulatory agencies to take action in order to strengthen investor protections and preserve the integrity of the EB-5 program.


    Today, regulators, investors, and their representatives are demanding more oversight, a greater focus on due diligence, and an independent monitoring role.


    EB-5 is an industry in transition and everyone playing a role in it will be under greater scrutiny than ever before.


AISA has the Solution

IFS™ Services

Provided together or individually.


    √  AISA's Solution for Project Sponsors


    AISA's Independent Fiduciary Solutions services will assist project sponsors in:


    Strengthening the marketability of their project


    Reducing their liability and resolving potential conflicts of interest


    Demonstrating compliance with regulatory issues and upcoming integrity measures


    √  Introducing AISA's IFS™ Services

    √  Offering Preparation

    AISA will identify and evaluate the project's operational, financial, and regulatory risks; establish procedures and develop an implementation plan to mitigate any risk.


    √  Financial Checks and Balances

    AISA professionals will structure and implement controls to ensure appropriate handling and disbursements of investment funds and assets.


    √  Monitoring and Compliance

    AISA will monitor the progress of the project in accordance with the business plan and ensure compliance with regulations and proposed integrity measures.


    √  Funds Redeployment

    AISA will step in as the registered investment adviser to redeploy investors' funds in a mutually beneficial manner to the investors and the project sponsors, in accordance with all USCIS and regulatory requirements.


    √  Education and Promotion

    AISA will educate investors and intermediaries about the role, responsibilities, and recommendations of the independent fiduciary.



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AISA EB-5 Investment Advisers are dedicated to helping project sponsors and private investors navigate through the process of EB-5 investment. AISA is a registered investment advisory firm with expertise in both the EB-5 immigration investor program and also in financial research and analysis. Senior team members have gained their experience from world-class companies including Deutsche Bank, Soros Fund Management, AEGON and Price-Waterhouse.



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Independent Fiduciary Solutions for Project Sponsors

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