Investor Services

AISA was founded with the simple goal of giving our clients the highest standard professional support, enabling them to make a sound investment decision that achieves their immigration and financial objectives.  

Providing top-notch EB-5 investment counsel means researching and analyzing projects in the same rigorous way we’d evaluate any other investment and balancing the financial considerations with clients’ immigration objectives.


There are risks in all investments including in direct and regional center EB-5 projects.

Every project must be analyzed very carefully to make sure that:

  • project sponsors are reputable
  • project meets all USCIS requirements to qualify for the EB-5 program
  • project is viable economically and from a business perspective
  • exit strategy is realistic


Our Services

AISA “Select” Advisory Service


Recommendation of specific projects


We review many projects and recommend investments to our clients which we believe are the most suitable based on the investment’s risk profile. We believe EB-5 investors should select the investments  that have the lowest possible risk profile from both financial and immigration perspectives.

We work closely with our clients’ immigration attorney, help in assembling the necessary documentation and guide our clients through the subscription process.

Bespoke Research


Review of projects introduced by investor


AISA can provide general research and advisory services on any aspect and any number of projects of the client’s choosing. The depth and extent of the research will be identified and outlined on a case-by-case basis. This can range from a preliminary evaluation to in-depth analysis of the offering  and negotiations with the sponsor on measures affecting investors interests.

Our Research Reports

We simplify research findings for our clients so they can more easily understand the investment opportunity

Obtaining the Green Card

We assess the risks of project meeting all I-526 criteria.

  • EB-5 Compliance
  • Regional Center Rating
  • Escrow Account Terms
  • Project Readiness
Getting Permanent Residence

We look at the criteria affecting the filing and approval of the I-829 petition.

  • Job-creation Analysis
  • Quality of Business Planning
  • Skills and Experience of Sponsorship Group
  • Demand and Business Outlook
Return of Investment Capital

We weigh what we believe to be the key aspects of the project that might affect the return of the principal invested.

  • Real Assets per EB-5 Dollar
  • Liquidity and Solvency
  • Sponsors Skin in the Game and Other Capital
  • Exit Strategy

Our Selection Approach

Research and Due Diligence Process