Your Path to Residency

We understand that every investor needs guidance through the EB-5 process. That’s why, as your investment advisers, we will guide and support you all the way from project selection to the completion of the EB-5 process.

Step 1: Become an AISA ClientJoin our network

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 when you have AISA at your side.

Establish Contact

Complete the brief questionnaire online to create your profile and you will be contacted to set up an appointment with our team of advisers.

Complete Account Opening Process

Our advisers will help you complete the account opening forms and guide you to obtain the required verification documentation.

Get Access to Site

If you are accepted as a client you will receive a password access to AISA analytics and to suitable recommendations.

Step 2: Review Carefully Selected Investment RecommendationsAISA's research working for you

We are investment advisers and have the legal duty to make the best recommendation given each individual clients circumstances. We identify Regional Center and Direct investments all over the United States. Then our  investment professionals, real estate experts, immigration specialists and economists review the details in a careful research process. We only select and recommend the project(s) that we believe are the most suitable.

Get access to AISA’s investment research, including:

  • Documentary verification of key sponsor claims
  • Review of Regional Center –
    • its license,
    • its reputation,
    • its experience and skills
  • Review of investment documents –
    • PPM (Private Placement Memorandum)
    • Business Plan (Matter of Ho compliant)
    • Econometrics & Jobs Report
    • Escrow Agreement
  • AISA’s 16-point project assessment, focusing on
    • The business opportunity
    • EB-5 compliance
    • Investment terms and expenses
    • Job creation
    • Assets, liquidity, solvency
    • Exit strategy, and many other issues

No investment is risk-free, but AISA will help you understand the investment, its risks, its costs and potential returns, so that you can make the right decision and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Step 3: Transfer Money to your U.S. Investment AccountGetting organized to invest

Required steps to start making your investment:

Complete Documentation & Verification Process

Your Investment Advisory Representative will assist you with preparing the forms & required verification documents.

Your AISA Investment Account is Opened

AISA opens an Investment Account for you and passes all approved documents to the bank and the fund administrator

Fund Your Account

Wire your funds to an FDIC insured account in the US.

Step 4: Select Project & SubscribeMaking the Investment

1. Make Your FInal Project Selection

2. Sign Subscription Agreement

3. AISA submits Subscription Agreement & Investor Dossier to Deal Sponsor/Regional Center

If you decide to invest in any of the recommended investments we will help you complete and submit the official subscription agreement. You are not required to invest.

After choosing your investment AISA will submit the supporting documentation on your behalf to the Deal Sponsor / Regional Center, including:

  • Know Your Customer Documents (KYC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Documents (AML)
  • Evidence of Electronic Wire Transfer of Funds

Step 5: File for your Green Card (I-526)The first level of immigration approval

1. Deal Sponsor Accepts Subscription Agreement

2. AISA Gives Investment Documents to Your Attorney

3. Your Attorney Files “Form I-526”

AISA Project Dossier

AISA cooperates closely with your immigration attorney. Your attorney does not need to collect documents from the Regional Center. We provide the following:

  • Executed and Accepted Subscription Agreement
  • Executed Escrow Agreement
  • AISA Due Diligence Report
  • PPM (Private Placement Memorandum)
  • Business Plan (Matter of Ho compliant)
  • Econometrics and Jobs Study
  • Evidence of TEA, if applicable
  • Deal Verification Docs
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Permits & Licenses
    • Tax incentive documentation
  • Limited Partnership/Operating Agreement
  • Evidence of Electronic wire transfer of docs

Step 6. File for your Permanent Green CardRemoval of conditions - Your Permanent U.S. Residency

Two years after your Green Card is issued, it will expire. You or your attorney must file the “Form I-829” in order for a permanent Green Card to be issued. When working with Regional Centers, AISA will evaluate the Regional Center’s systems for supporting this application. The documents required for I-829 applications include:

  •  Evidence that investment was made and remained “at risk” during the entire period
  • Evidence that the business still exists and is viable (e.g. 2-Year tax returns / Financial, Investor & other reports)
  • Evidence of the planned job creation

Step 7: Exit the Project

We have always maintained that the success of an EB-5 investment is not the approval of the I-526 petition and receiving a conditional green card. We believe that a successful outcome is achieved when the conditions of residency are removed and you have exited the investment. That’s why the selection of the right investment, in the first place, is very important.