Are you looking for EB-5 investors?


Show us your project

We continuously research EB-5 offerings and select the most suitable projects to recommend to our clients.

Our clients are accredited investors who come to us from various sources, including:

Directly - as a reult of our international marketing & promotional efforts.

Collaborations - with other financial intermediaries globally.

U.S. Immigration Lawyers.

Benefits to Regional Centers and Project Sponsors

Diversify Investor Sources

We have our own sources of clients and don’t go back to the same old migration agencies for our investors.

Qualified Investors with Free & Clear Funds

Our clients will have already gone through various procedures and verification, including: Know Your Client (KYC),  AML, OFAC, and accreditation. And typically their funds will be in their AISA U.S. investment account.

Retain More of the Fees

Although our fees are paid directly by our clients we do ask for a reduction of the Administration Fees for the benefit of our clients. We do NOT charge the sponsors annual fees.

Nothing to Lose

We do NOT charge the RC or deal sponsor anything for conducting our due diligence. We do Not ask for exclusivity.  We are simply looking for the top-quality deals to recommend to our clients.

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