Customized Redeployment Solutions

Because we understand that a one size solution does not fit all

Redeployment is complicated. There is no single solution that is suitable for all cases. Given the many requirements and conditions that must be met, every case needs to be assessed individually. The right solution must satisfy USCIS requirements and meet the fiduciary obligations to each and every one of the investors in the fund.


We work with our clients to design and structure a customized solution that meets their specific requirements.

We can safeguard the interests of the investors and the managers of the NCEs by:

  • Providing compliance with securities laws
  • Resolving conflicts of interest
  • Facilitating access to multiple investment options through our partners such as Bellwether Enterprise
  • Conducting independent due diligence  
  • Managing the reinvested funds

Anatomy of Redeployment

Establishing the nature of redeployment along the immigration timeline

Our Approach

We offer a streamlined 3 stage approach with clear deliverables


Assessment & Verification

  • Examine the initial offering documents and determine the most suitable investment option
  • Facilitate and help in preparation of the report verifying expenditures and job creation
  • Certify redeployment eligibility
  • Recommend redeployment plan

Selection & Notification

  • Advise on the selection and structuring of the pre and post-CPR investments
  • Conduct due diligence on the sponsor’s own project
  • OR
  • Work with our partner, Bellwether Enterprise, to identify matching “like-kind” projects
  • AND/OR
  • Design the portfolio of appropriate securities for post-CPR investments
  • Prepare redeployment report and notification to investors

Management & Monitoring

  • Implement the selected redeployment strategy
  • Monitor the flow of funds into the new project
  • Monitor the progress and report to investors
  • Monitor the performance of the securities portfolio
  • Provide overlay management of the redeployed funds, rebalance pre and post-CPR funds on an ongoing basis