Sponsor/Developer Services

Helping EB-5 project sponsors distinguish their project by building trust

The principals at AISA combine their expertise in finance and investment management with a deep knowledge and a network of EB-5 professionals to provide end-to-end services to project sponsors and developers.


AISA can act as a single point of contact managing the entire EB-5 process from  hiring the service providers to preparing a due diligence report, coordinating the fundraising efforts and managing the EB-5 investment fund.

The involvement of AISA in EB-5 transactions serves to enhance investor protection, address conflicts of interest and ensure compliance with ever more stringent regulatory requirements and the upcoming integrity measures.



AISA can help project sponsors assess the suitability of a project for EB-5 finance; advise on the structure of the transaction; engage & manage the team of service providers; assist in the preparation of the necessary offering documentation; and coordinate with placement agents and marketing team.

Due Diligence Reporting


AISA’s independent due diligence reports provide an unbiased and comprehensive review of EB-5 offerings and the sponsors. We look at all aspects of the offering from both the immigration and financial perspectives. Our reports are based on thorough review of the relevant documents, interviews with management and site visits as needed.

Fund Management


AISA will operate as the independent manager/co-manager of the New Commercial Enterprise (“NCE”) according to guidelines provided in an Investment Policies Statement, to be agreed with the sponsor. These functions are designed to resolve potential conflicts of interest for the sponsor, to facilitate marketing through investor protection measures, and to comply with anticipated regulatory requirements for the EB-5 industry.



AISA can help project sponsors with all their redeployment needs including examination of the original documentation to determine most appropriate redeployment strategies; working with our partners, Bellwether Enterprise, to identify a “like-kind” project and/or conducting due diligence on the sponsor’s own project and managing the redeployed funds until every investor has completed the immigration process.

The key is safeguarding investors


Increasingly, EB-5 investors and their representatives are calling for greater protection of their interests.
In today’s increasingly competitive funding environment, providing investor safeguards can help improve the marketability of EB-5 offerings.


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