Our Story

We believe EB-5 investors deserve the highest quality investment guidance available

We founded AISA with a simple goal: to give EB-5 investors the highest standard professional support, enabling them to make a sound investment decision that achieves their immigration and financial objectives.

As professionals who developed our expertise at global financial institutions as well as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, we saw a need. Looking at the EB-5 market, we found there were very few financial experts evaluating EB-5 projects.

We believed there was an opportunity to better help immigrant investors by combining deep knowledge of the EB-5 program with a sophisticated approach to investment.  And we were passionate about providing a first-class service at no additional out-of-pocket cost for our clients.

Providing top-notch EB-5 investment counsel means researching and analyzing projects in the same rigorous way we’d evaluate any other investment and balancing the financial considerations with clients’ immigration objectives. We examine many deals that our clients never hear about because we will only put the AISA name on the ones we think are suitable investments.

Our own personal experiences have given us an appreciation for the excitement – and challenge – of the emigration process and beginning life in a new country.  We know how exhilarating it can be, and at the same time, how difficult it is to leave loved ones and a familiar homeland for a country with different language, laws and culture. Understanding what our clients go through has made us even more passionate about making the EB-5 investment process as easy as possible.

AISA is committed to giving EB-5 investors what they deserve: the best support available to help them make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Our Experienced Team

Our team members developed their expertise at world-class financial institutions and U.S. immigration services

Dr. Robert E. Robbins

Principal Investor, Co-founder & Chairman

Katherine D. Johnson

Co-founder & Chief Administrative Officer

Ruth Obal

Project Coordinator

Kimberly Atteberry

Consulting Economist

Our Advantage

We work for you

Deep expertise

AISA’s team has deep expertise in both the EB-5 immigration investor program and also in financial research and analysis.

Objectivity and independence

AISA is a registered investment advisory firm whose fiduciary duty is to serve the best interests of the investor.  We are paid by our clients for impartial guidance on the most suitable EB-5 projects and are not bound to any specific project or Regional Center.

Services provided

AISA conducts due diligence on each and every project, owner, operator, and contractor to determine if the project is a safe and a sound investment for the investor. We will never make a recommendation to a client until we have done this research and determined that the project is a suitable investment.

Fee structure

EB-5 investors can expect to pay little or no additional out-of-pocket costs when they work with AISA.  That is because AISA negotiates a reduction of the administration fee that is typically paid to the Regional Center or project sponsor. This is usually the same or greater than AISA’s fee.

Registered in the U.S.

AISA is an investment advisory company registered with the Department of Financial Institutions in the State of Kentucky. The AISA team complies with U.S. financial regulations and the requirements of the EB-5 investor program.

Our Selection Approach

Research and Due Diligence Process


Our Research Reports

We simplify research findings for our clients so they can more easily understand the investment opportunity

Obtaining the Green Card

We assess the risks of project meeting all I-526 criteria.

  • EB-5 Compliance
  • Regional Center Rating
  • Escrow Account Terms
  • Project Readiness
Getting Permanent Residence

We look at the criteria affecting the filing and approval of the I-829 petition.

  • Job-creation Analysis
  • Quality of Business Planning
  • Skills and Experience of Sponsorship Group
  • Demand and Business Outlook
Return of Investment Capital

We weigh what we believe to be the key aspects of the project that might affect the return of the principal invested.

  • Real Assets per EB-5 Dollar
  • Liquidity and Solvency
  • Sponsors Skin in the Game and Other Capital
  • Exit Strategy
Yield and Costs

Finally we analyze the overall costs and the returns of the investment.

  • Coupon, Dividend or Other Returns
  • Expenses and Fees
  • Returns to Non-EB-5 Investors
  • Implied Cost of the Green Card


We partner with the best to safeguard your money

AISA Investment Accounts are held with SunTrust Bank (assets: $175 billion as of December 2013).

SunTrust Bank serves as Escrow Agent. All accounts are covered by FDIC insurance.

Each AISA Investment Account is administered by NES Financial, the largest administrator in the EB-5 industry.

A NES Financial subsidiary acts as the Investor Representative. Without their signature the money cannot be touched.

As a result of these measures, your money may only be moved with your consent and NES Financial verification.

Even with NES Financial verification, the money from these accounts may only move to another account with the same beneficiary.

Each investor has online access to monitor the account anytime of the day or night.

As a registered investment advisers we have the legal duty to act solely in your best interest.